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Kenny Learner Driver Tuition Instructor Testimonials Ayr
Thank you for taking the time to write a testimonial on your lessons and test pass please feel free to comment on your overall expeirence of  We are really glad you have taken time to give  us feedback and we will  use this to help us improve our performance We take great pride in your achievements as you passing your test really matters to us as much as it does to you.We are proud to produce safe confident drivers ready to face the world.

You have 160 characters to share how  everything went with Ayr Ayrshire from me being your teacher and instructor to how lessons were structured,time keeping,value for money.It has been a pleasure to teach you and assist  you in gaining your test pass Thank you for having your lessons from  me

 Have fun! 





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  • Niamh Lynch (Thursday, May 23 24 06:36 pm BST)

    My experience Kenny has been great, I have learnt a lot from Kenny when it comes to driving but he also taught me to have confidence in my decisions and overall in my abilities and will also be recommended by me to anyone who asks me where to go for lesson. He is a very understanding and patient instructor and can work around your schedule if you have plans that week. Overall a positive experience for me :)

  • Sarah Craig (Tuesday, April 30 24 09:42 pm BST)

    Kenny has been a great instructor and helped me pass my test first time. He was patient and encouraging and I would definitely recommend him as a driving instructor.

  • Megan Williamson (Wednesday, February 28 24 10:20 pm GMT)

    Kenny helped me to pass first time within around five months. He was very patient and explained everything very well, never had any problems with trying to get lessons that worked with my schedule. Also got the added bonus of the free theory test pro he had set up for me which Id say is probably the best one for studying your theory! I couldn't have asked for a better instructor especially for the pricing of the lessons aswell!

  • Megan Garrick (Thursday, January 11 24 04:49 pm GMT)

    Amazing instructor, very patient and reassuring. Couldn’t have done it without him. Would recommend Kenny to anyone looking to start driving.

  • Alana McWhirter (Wednesday, November 29 23 06:15 pm GMT)

    Amazing experience with Kenny. Helped with my anxiety about driving and helped me pass my test first time.
    He is patient, kind and professional. Great value for money.
    Would definitely recommend.

  • Jordan O'Hara (Tuesday, November 21 23 07:14 pm GMT)

    Kenny has been a fantastic instructor and helped me pass first time. He was very patient in allowing me to unlearn the bad habits I’d picked up from previous instructors. Kenny was always organised and on time and gave me reminders when lessons were coming up as well as clear and timely progress updates via email. I’d absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for somebody reliable who gives clear guidance and instructions when out on the road.

  • Laurie Fraser (Thursday, November 09 23 05:47 pm GMT)

    Kenny is a very patient instructor who has got me through 3 tests. He’s been very encouraging and positive surrounding lessons and they have always been structured to suit what I need to improve on

  • Ciara Mullan (Monday, October 02 23 04:21 pm BST)

    Kenny has been a great instructor and has helped me pass my test first time, throughout our lessons he was very organised, patient and friend. Totally recommend booking lessons with him!

  • Ciara Mullan (Monday, October 02 23 04:19 pm BST)

    Kenny has been an excellent driving instructor and has helped me pass first time on my test. He is very organised and patient. Totally recommend booking lessons with him!

  • Hope M (Saturday, September 09 23 12:46 pm BST)

    Kenny has been a fantastic instructor, incredibly patient and kind. He taught me so many tricks and showed me lots of techniques to stop some of my bad habits from a previous instructor.
    He has an ability to explain things with such clarity! Kenny uses his iPad to introduce new topics at the start of the lessons which I found really helpful as a visual learner.
    Kenny has been really flexible with lessons and will always sends reminders the day before. I was able to pass first time, Kenny really took the time to listen to what I didn’t feel confident with and would tailor my lessons accordingly.
    1000% recommend you will be in safe hands

  • Kellis Linden (Tuesday, July 18 23 06:19 pm BST)

    If Kenny can get me to pass first time, he can help anyone to pass. Used to be terrified behind the wheel and Kenny has helped to massively build my confidence. Very knowledgeable with good tips on driving and manoeuvres. Also loved his car so much I’ve just bought the same one. Highly recommend.

  • Dillon Moore (Wednesday, May 10 23 07:06 pm BST)

    Kenny is a great instructor, he is very patient and each lesson is thorough. He is professional but also knows how to have a laugh, would reccomend Kenny to anyone looking to start driving.

  • Sarah Mcpeake (Monday, April 10 23 04:28 pm BST)

    Kenny was extremely helpful and patient when doing my lessons and helped build my confidence when driving, couldn’t have asked for a better instructor!

  • Taylor cunningham (Friday, March 31 23 05:29 pm BST)

    Brilliant instructor, patience of a saint and will get you to exactly where you want to be, supportive and friendly! Highly recommend taking lessons from this very knowledgeable tutor.

  • Rebecca inglis (Thursday, March 16 23 08:11 pm GMT)

    Kenny was a brilliant instructor with plenty of patience and reassurance to get me where I needed to be for my test, couldn’t have done it without his help and guidance

  • lynne Cooper (Friday, February 17 23 07:15 pm GMT)

    Kenny is the most patient and calm instructor, he knows his stuff and I would recommend to anyone.

  • Emily Gowans (Monday, February 13 23 06:12 pm GMT)

    Kenny is a brilliant instructor! His lessons have an excellent structure, ensuring everything is covered and explained really well. Kenny has had amazing patience throughout my lessons and is flexible with timing of lessons- would highly recommend!

  • Paige (Sunday, January 29 23 07:49 am GMT)

    Highly recommend Kenny, fab instructor with lots of patience, on time always and very flexible, wouldn’t go anywhere else, best experience

  • Abbie Mcclymont (Friday, January 20 23 03:49 pm GMT)

    I highly recommend kenny. Kenny was brilliant, he explains everything so clearly, all the time and patience to help you!
    Couldn’t have done it without you, can’t thank you enough!

  • Fraser Alexander (Friday, December 02 22 04:11 pm GMT)

    Great instructor with lots of experience which helped learn fast, great at time keeping would highly recommend if your wanting to pass quickly.

  • Charlie (Sunday, October 30 22 07:02 pm GMT)

    Kenny was brilliant, had the patience of a saint!! Can’t thank him enough

  • Lee Thorburn (Tuesday, October 25 22 12:51 am BST)

    Kenny is very helpful and explains everything clearly, would highly recommend

  • Jake Graham (Monday, October 03 22 08:48 pm BST)

    Kenny was brilliant to learn with, he explained everything clearly and all lessons were structured perfectly to get you ready for your test. He was also very flexible if I needed to swap the times of my lessons.
    Highly recommend to any new driver!

  • Ross boyes (Thursday, June 30 22 06:15 pm BST)

    Passed first time with Kenny, overall experience was fantastic. Great tutor with lots of knowledge meaning he makes it fast and easy to learn. Get booking with Kenny if you want to get your license ASAP

  • Mark Fleming (Tuesday, June 14 22 07:27 pm BST)

    I highly recommend kenny is really understanding and he cam and relaxing to drive with... his time keeping is amazing he's always on-time he will help step by step and let you make sense of it I really Enjoyed going out driving with Kenny he really helped me out I highly recommend to anyone els wanting to learn

  • Aili Nelson (Tuesday, May 10 22 05:21 pm BST)

    Kenny is a fantastic instructor with so much patience. I couldn’t imagine doing my lessons with anyone else. He makes the whole process easy to understand and gives great tips for driving and has helped me massively in feeling more confident on the roads. Couldn’t thank him enough!

  • Abbie McCormick (Friday, April 01 22 05:42 pm BST)

    Couldn’t recommend kenny more, he was very flexible picking me up at my house doing a lesson then able to drop me off at work straight after. Very good at explaining things and showing what he meant via iPad made it easier. Highly recommend!

  • Hannah Wilson (Tuesday, March 29 22 03:32 pm BST)

    I enjoyed learning to drive with Kenny, he was patient, very informative and was clear and concise when answering any questions I had.
    Kenny always arrived early with enough time to clean the inside of his car before every lesson, during covid this made me feel at ease.
    Would highly recommend.
    Thanks again, Kenny!

  • Stephen (Tuesday, March 08 22 07:20 pm GMT)

    Would definitely recommend kenny to anyone looking to start driving lessons! Kenny was very flexible with rescheduling lessons if something had came up. Very helpful with understanding how to do certain manoeuvres and driving in general! Very grateful for his time and patience

  • Nicole dunlop (Tuesday, January 18 22 06:33 pm GMT)

    Kenny was great to learn with has all the time and patience in the world pricing was very valuable for your money lesson were always on time , keeping calm really helped me learn better and was so supportive for me to pass my test I would highly recommend

  • Emily (Thursday, September 16 21 09:58 am BST)

    Kenny has been a brilliant instructor and has helped me pass my test during Covid. The lessons we had were well structured and he always took me through everything at my own pace in a very calm manner. He was always on time for lessons and was very flexible in the days/ times he could book me in. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn how to drive and pass their test.

  • Millie Donaldson (Wednesday, September 15 21 06:27 pm BST)

    Kenny is an amazing instructor who has helped me pass first time. He explained everything clearly and calmed my nerves the day of my test. He would ask me if I wanted to do anything in particular that lesson and went over all the test routes which really helped give me an idea of what to expect in my test. Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor.

  • Josh Malone (Friday, July 23 21 06:10 pm BST)

    Kenny is a great instructor! Explains everything so well and builds up your confidence in your driving. Couldn’t recommend him anymore!

  • Jack Hart (Wednesday, June 23 21 10:54 pm BST)

    Passed my test first time, can't thank Kenny enough. Fantastic instructor very patient, friendly and down-to-earth. Would highly recommend to any learner.

  • Chloe Thomas (Monday, May 10 21 08:38 pm BST)

    Kenny was my previous instructor which I would definitely recommend to anyone learning to drive. He is very relaxed and explains things very well to get you through your tests. I couldn’t of passed my test without him
    and I’m so thankful for the time he put in to help me. Again would definitely recommend.

  • chloe (Monday, May 10 21 06:28 pm BST)

    Kenny my previous driving instructor was very professional and very good at teaching me the right way to drive to pass my test. I passed first time because of Kenny’s help and I’m so thankful for that. I would Definitely recommend going with Kenny to help with passing your test.

  • Eleana Meikle (Thursday, December 24 20 12:13 pm GMT)

    Kenny is an absolutely amazing instructor, super calming amd really nice. Always explained things through so I could understand and helped go over things I struggled with, 100% recommend!

  • Jenna Milligan (Friday, February 28 20 04:34 pm GMT)

    Learning to drive with Kenny was the best! I couldn’t ask for a better instructor. He always explained everything so well and made me feel confident in my driving. I couldn’t have done it without him

  • KELLY McSporran (Wednesday, February 26 20 02:01 pm GMT)

    Thank you Kenny you have been ever so patient and kind helping me through my journey of driving you have got me where I am today with your expertise I can't thank you enough. Highly recommend.

  • Amy McGregor (Friday, February 14 20 12:22 pm GMT)

    Kenny is very patient and really helped me get rid of bad habits that I picked up from driving in London and helped me get to grips with driving in a completely different environment. I can be a nervous driver but he remained calm which made me feel a lot better.

    Thank to him I passed third time lucky! Would highly recommend him to anyone.

  • Tracey Fisher (Saturday, February 08 20 07:34 pm GMT)

    Kenny was a fantastic instructor who I would highly recommend. He is very patient and understanding and explains things well using the IPad. He will tailor lessons to suit your needs and is berry reliable and punctual. Aside from his professionalism he is also very friendly, down to earth and easy to talk to.

  • Toni McLaughlin (Saturday, January 04 20 05:41 pm GMT)

    Kenny was such a friendly, calm and kind instructor. Thanks for getting me through - highly recommend.

  • Thomas O'neil (Monday, October 07 19 04:13 pm BST)

    Kenny it's a great instructor is passed with him first time, thanks for giving me the self belief I needed to pass my test, very friendly reliable and down to earth instructor

  • Tess Loughlin (Friday, September 13 19 04:54 pm BST)

    I was very nervous to start driving and Kenny is a very patient, friendly instructor. I will recommend him to everyone! I passed because of him and I am so grateful!

  • Brogan Milligan (Wednesday, September 11 19 09:55 am BST)

    Kenny is a fantastic instructor, he always manages to work around your schedule and is very knowledgeable about every aspect of driving. Thank you for helping me pass my test, would highly recommend!

  • Joanne Limond (Tuesday, July 30 19 09:07 pm BST)

    Thanks to Kenny for showing me the patience and giving me the confidence on the road to pass my driving test. It took me 21 years and a few different instructors but Kennys way of teaching and his way of putting me at ease gave me the skills I needed. Thank You Kenny!

  • Rachael Orchiston (Friday, July 12 19 04:07 pm BST)

    Amazing driving instructor, very friendly, calm and patient. Couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Highly recommend

  • Ryan Simpson (Wednesday, July 03 19 11:39 am BST)

    Amazing driving instructor, very calm and patient and definitely knows his stuff. Always on time or early, couldn't recommend Kenny enough!

  • Jillian Taylor (Monday, June 17 19 01:04 pm BST)

    Kenny is such a patient and knowledgeable instructor. He is always pleasant on lessons and works around your schedule. Highly recommend!! Thank you for helping me to pass my test

  • Natasha green (Saturday, May 25 19 08:23 am BST)

    Brilliant driving instruction, very patient and takes the time to explain everything clearly. Mmade me feel at ease in the car from my very first lesson. Would def recommend!